Oak is the king of trees because of its longevity. It is found in North Africa, North America, Asia and Europe. Oak wood is heavy, hard and characterized by high abrasion resistance, which predisposes it to the flooring manufacture.

All products are made of seasoned and dried material in specialized hardwood dryers.

Antiqued floorboards – rustic, with wavy structure of fibers which one can feel in touch. It exposes beauty of the solid wood grains. The irregular surface and numerous cavities give the effect of the original few hundred years old floor. Antiquing doesn’t effect the reduction in quality and durability of wood. On the contrary, the signs of floor usage are less visible. We antique beveled and not beveled, solid and layered floorboards.

We do mechanical (less distinctive structure of the board) or manual (very distinctive structure of the board) antiquing depending on the desired look of a floorboard.


If you do not find a floorboard that meets your requirements for dimensions, class or final visual effect, please contact us and we can submit an offer according to your individual requirements !!!!

Oak: width length thickness  
thickness 15 mm
90 500 – 1200 15 mm
120 600 – 2600 15 mm
150 600 – 2600 15 mm
200 600 – 2600 15 mm
thickness 21 mm
 90 600 – 1400 21 mm
100 600 – 1400 (2000) 21  mm
120 600 – 2600 21 mm
150 (140) 600 – 2600 21 mm
160 600 – 2600 21 mm
180 600 – 2600 21  mm
200 600 – 2600 21 mm


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