In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we decided to expand our product range by another product such as layered floorboard.

The layered floorboard is available in width from 70 mm to 230 mm, length from 500 mm to 2500 mm, thickness from 12 mm to 22 mm or other on request.

The layered floorboards we produce consist of two layers:

– Top wear layer

– Bottom birch waterproof plywood layered

Thanks to the use of two layers of wood (different types) the board is extremely durable, flexible and stable regarding to prevailing environmental conditions (excessive or insufficient humidity).

The wear layer has a thickness of about 3 mm to 6 mm and is made of oak wood which is characterized by high durability and timeless appearance. Our offer also includes layered ash boards and other wood types for individual customer’s orders. To reduce the penetration of moisture from the substrate and to provide more stability we used waterproof birch plywood as a bottom layer. For gluing these two layers, we use precisely cut material strictly according to technological standards, using the best adhesives available on the market.

Thanks to the use of two layers where the bottom part is cross-bounded, the durability of the layered floor increases. The parquet becomes more stable and better suited for rooms where the laying of a solid parquet floor has not brought a particular result, eg. in areas with high variability of humidity and temperature.

To high temperature, as in the case of a solid board, can cause drying and cracking of wood. High humidity will cause swelling of wood. It is believed that the optimum room temperature should be within the range of 19 – 22 degrees Celsius and humidity of 45 – 60%.

Floor made of layered wood can be classified as wood floor and can be finished the same way as solid wood floor, using either oil or varnish. On individual customer’s request, we offer the service of edges chamfering (two-sided or four-sided) and the service of antiquing.

In addition, you can order a parquet with expansion cuts on the bottom side of the layered  board.


The layered floor can be subjected to additional services such as:




Antiquing (manual or mechanical)

Oil finishing

If you do not find a floorboard that meets your requirements for dimensions, class or final visual effect, please contact us and we can submit an offer according to your individual requirements !!!!


Oak: width length thickness
thickness 21 mm
100 500 – 1400 21 (6) mm
120 500 – 2500 21 (6) mm
150 500 – 2500 21 (6) mm
160 500 – 2500 21 (6) mm
180 500 – 2500 21 (6) mm
200 500 – 2500 21 (6) mm
220 500 – 2500 21 (6) mm
thickness 15 mm
100 500 – 1400 15 (4) mm
120 500 – 2500 15 (4) mm
150 500 – 2500 15 (4) mm
160 500 – 2500 15 (4) mm
180 500 – 2500 15 (4) mm
200 500 – 2500 15 (4) mm
220 500 – 2500 15 (4) mm

* in a total thickness of the board there is a wear layer shown in brackets.

In addition we have a large layered oak parquet for sale:

Oak: width length thicness
thickness 21 mm
70 500 21 (6) mm
100 600 21 (6) mm
100 800 21 (6) mm
thickness 15 mm
70 500 15 (4) mm
100 600 15 (4) mm
100 800 15 (4) mm

* in a total thickness of the board there is a wear layer shown in brackets.

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