Ash stairs

The important part of the production are both types of stairs, laid directly onto concrete and self-supporting.

We produce standard stairs I and II class, retro stairs I and II class, box stairs and laid and onto concrete stairs.. We provide complete railings in wood as well as in combination of wood and metal. We have all the elements of stairs and floors finishing.

The stairs are glued from several scantlings. The customers can specify their preferences. The elements are then selected according to their preferences, considering the coloring and setting of the grains of the wood. The stairs are sold complete with risers or steps only. The average width of the step is 30 cm.

All products are made from a material seasoned and dried in specialized dryers for hardwood drying.

We hope that many years of our experience in wood processing will meet your acknowledgment and will result in cooperation. We offer the highest quality and attractive prices of our products in return.

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