Parquet patterns

There are dozens of ways to lay parquet and even more variants. We present the most commonly used.  Decorative parquet patterns are left out. They are arranged out of  several  types of wood. Also parquet with ceramic or stone inserts isn’t shown. They are made for a specific and individual customer’s order.

Pattern – Herringbone
classic classic diagonal double
jodelka_klasyczna_mini jodelka_klasyczna_skosna_mini jodelka_podwojna_mini
double diagonal triple triple diagonal
jodelka_podwojna_skosna_mini jodelka_potrojna_mini jodelka_potrojna_skosna_mini
Pattern – Running Bond
symmetrical symmetrical diagonal ship deck
cegielka_symetryczna_mini cegielka_symetryczna_skosna_mini cegielka_okretowa_mini
ship deck diagonal ship deck irregular ship deck irregular diagonal
cegielka_okretowa_skosna_mini cegielka_okretowa_swobodna_mini cegielka_okretowa_swobodna_skosna_mini
Pattern – Square-on-square
symmetrical symmetrical diagonal asymmetrical
kwadraty_symetryczne_mini kwadraty_symetryczne_karo_mini kwadraty_asymetryczne_mini
asymmetrical diagona
Pattern – Cracow stripes
classic court
pasy_krakowski_klasyczne_mini pasy_krakowski_dworskie_mini
Pattern – Vortex
small big
wir_maly_mini wir_duzy_mini
Pattern – German Square
German Square

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