Briefly speaking, the wood antiquing is the removal of  a soft layer of annual growth, which results in an interesting appearance with a wavy fiber system. Antiquing emphasizes the beauty of solid wood.

Floorboards in the production process are antiqued in various ways.

The mechanical method of wood structuring is used the most widely. Mechanical antiquing is done by using specialized machines where the wavy and irregular surface of the floorboard is obtained by selecting and removing soft layers. Mechanical pulling the pith out from between the annual growth lines reveals the grain.

The unique appearance of the floor is the result of manual brushing, planning and chamfering. Additionally  it is possible to deliberately do scratches, cracks and possible drillings near natural knots during manually antiquing.

Manual antiquing by creating irregular microfibers and uneven hand planed surfaces gives the floor very rustic and worn out look.

Clearly antiqued wood floors are one of the most important trends in interior design!!!

Antiqued floor gives interesting look when combined with modern interiors. It is very practical as well. There is no problem if the floor is accidently scratched because it is almost invisible on this type of floor!!!! It doesn’t show signs of damage and is easy to maintain and renovate.

We produce boards ready for colored synthetic line insert (white, black, steel etc.).

All products are made of seasoned and dried material in specialized hardwood dryers.

If you do not find a floorboard that meets your requirements for dimensions, class or final visual effect, please contact us and we can submit an offer according to your individual requirements !!!!


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