Rebusta is the floorboard resembling old worn out floor with its grains and natural structure. It gives the rooms a climate of warmth and cosiness. Roughness, knots and cracks create unique surfaces that make the floor very rustic. There is no problem if the floor is accidentally scratched because it is almost invisible on this type of floor!!!! It doesn’t show any signs of damage and is easy to maintain and renovate. Such boards are perfect for places where floor should meet bigger requirements, from restaurant floors, to hotels and often houses.


REBUSTA floorboards can be solid and layered. It can be subjected to additional services such as:




Antiquing (manual or mechanical)

Oil finishing

If you do not find a floorboard that meets your requirements for dimensions, class or final visual effect, please contact us and we can submit an offer according to your individual requirements !!!!



Oak: width height thickness
  160    500 – 2500 (3000)       21 mm
  180    500 – 2500 (3000)       21 mm
  200    500 – 2500 (3000)       21 mm

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