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ANDREWPOL wood factory was established in 1989. We specialize in a professional production of all wooden floors, such as oak parquet, ash parquet, solid floorboards, layered boards, oiled floors, palace patterns, antiqued floors, stairs, finishing elements and lamella.
All our products can be purchased at three options of choice: for further sanding and finishing to your own preference, prepared for oiling or varnishing (product is beveled, sanded, antiqued etc.) or oiled and ready for assembling.

We hope that our many years of our experience in woodworking will meet your appreciation and will result in cooperation. We offer you the highest quality products and attractive prices in return.

Parquet – a traditional parquet is made in various sizes with a maximum length of 500 mm (we produce longer sizes on request) and two thickness sizes of 22 mm and 16 mm.

Solid floorboards – is parquet solid floorboard with tongue – groove available not chamfered or chamfered along 4 sides. It can be antiqued or the synthetic insert between boards can be added. Floorboards are available in sizes: 90, 100, 120, 140, 150, 160, 180, 200, 220 mm in width, and 500-2500 mm in length. Available thickness is 21 mm and 15 mm.

Layered floorboards – are floorboards made with two cross-glued layers. The top layer is solid oak, ash (or other on request) and the bottom layer is birch plywood. Floorboards with tongue-groove are available not chamfered or chamfered along 4 sides. They can be antigued or the synthetic insert between boards can be added. Floorboards are available in sizes: 70-230 mm in width, 500-2500 mm in lenght, 12-22 mm in thickness. The other dimensions of floorboard thiskness are available on request.

Oiled floors – are becoming increasingly popular due to their technical and aesthetic qualities. Oiling enhances the color of the wood allowing it to retain a natural look while enhancing the grain. The oil penetrates the wood, not clogging the pores, so the wood receives and gives moisture. This is important especially in rooms with variable humidity, eg. in the bathroom.

Rebusta – are the floorboards resembling old worn out floor with their grains and natural structure. Irregularity, knots and cracks create unique surface, so the floor looks very rustic.

Antiqued floorboards – rustic, with wavy structure of fibers which one can feel in touch. It exposes beauty of the solid wood grains. The irregular surface and numerous cavities give the effect of the original few hundred years old floor. Antiquing doesn’t effect the reduction in quality and durability of wood. On the contrary, the signs of floor usage are less visible. We antique bavelled and not bavelled floorboards. We do mechanical (less distinctive structure of the board) or manual (very distinctive structure of the board) antiquing depending on the desired look of a floorboard.

Palace designs – we make different designs of palace patterns such as English style, manorial style, French or Hungarian fir style in a different versions, as well as individual orders. We send pictures on request.

Boards with colored ribbon – we produce boards ready for colored sinthetic line insert (white, black, steel etc.).

Thermo – ash – parquet is subjected to thermal treatment which gives the full brown color effect. Staves are less flexible, which is not suitable for school halls, but after this treatment the ash is very stable regarding humidity changing during use of the floor.

Lamella – is a few milimeters thin, flat layer of raw wood (not painted, varnished nor oiled) designed for further gluing as a top layer.

Stairs – available in standard, retro, box or carpet version.
An important part of the production is not only the parquet floor, but the stairs, both laid directly on concrete and self-supporting. We can offer extras such as handrails, banisters, newels or balusters. We also do ash and oak panels and all kinds of skirboards. All products are manufactured from a material seasoned and dried in specialized dryers for hardwood drying.

Wooden floors on an individual order.

If you can not find floorboard meeting your requirements for dimensions, class or final visual effect, please contact us, so we can present the offer according to your individual requirements !!!!



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